5: On the Fifth Day of Christmas

The Fifth Day: Morning

Christmas for the Fearful (1)

Now it came to pass in the days of Ahaz the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah, that Rezin king of Syria and Pekah the son of Remaliah, king of Israel, went up to Jerusalem to make war against it, but could not prevail against it. And it was told to the house of David, saying, “Syria’s forces are deployed in Ephraim.” So his heart and the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved with the wind.

 Isaiah 7:1,2

Most of us are familiar with the “Ful” family. We spend a good bit of our time with them. Some of them are very appealing. Joyful, Prayerful, Hopeful and Faithful are among the most attractive.

Other members of this family are unsavory characters to say the least. There are, to name just a few, Fearful, Sorrowful, Doubtful, and Sinful.

Sadly enough, many of us spend more time with the repulsive members of the family than we do with the attractive members! They always seem to be knocking at the door, and, all too often, we let them in. And they are guests that never want to go home! Well,   I have good news for all those who have been hosting the unsavory “Fuls.” Among all the many benefits and blessings of Christmas, we can and must acknowledge this: Christmas deals in a marvelous way with the dreadful members of the “Ful” family. It has the capacity to drive them from us and to bring peace and tranquility in their stead.

The prophecy of Isaiah brings before us the sad spectacle of a man who was entertaining one of the “Ful” family. Here we have Ahaz, king of Judah, entertaining none other than that nasty and despicable character, Mr. Fearful. Verse two of the passage before us says of Ahaz: “So his heart and the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved with the wind.”

In other words, Ahaz and his people were frightened, terribly frightened. They were so afraid that their hearts were trembling within them.


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