Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Before my church could commit to purchasing a large number of these books, we would need to be sure that we are happy with the content and emphasis of the publication. Is this possible?

A: Yes, there are two ways: You may view excerpts of the book HERE or the whole book HERE; if you wish to see an inspection copy, POD copies will be available from August 2017 for $9.99 (includes shipping and handling). You may order your copy HERE.

Q. I do not understand the difference between high discount and low-discount customization.

A: We are working on a three-option system so as to give the best possible outcomes to everyone, including churches with lower numbers or smaller budgets. Stated simply, (1) ALL customers get the option of choosing the cover they like and the Bible text they prefer, regardless of how many they order; (2) Customers who wish to order 1,000 or more at the deep discount of 65% or greater can have their copies customized with their church name, address, picture, etc., at no extra charge; (3) Customers who wish to have customization done on between 100 and 999 copies have the option of doing so (we offer different print technologies for this) but at lower discount breaks. More info here.

Q. I like the ideas, but my church would prefer to purchase a large number of books with a completely unique cover. Is this possible?

A: With careful planning, yes, this is a project we would love to do with you. We will need to collaborate and work out the details and a special budget for this.

Q: I live in the United Kingdom. Is this project open to people outside of the United States?

A: The project is designed primarily for use within the USA; however, we are working on a model to make the book available in the UK in a similar way as in the USA. Because of logistical considerations, the price structure in the UK may be different. More information HERE.

If you live somewhere else in the world other than the USA or UK, and you have a special desire to use this book in your country and will require special printing and (or) transportation, please contact us.

Q: Why do you require payment before the books are received?

A: This is a large-scale project. We are working closely with the printers to ensure the very best possible discounts, and these relate in particular to (a) the scale of the order (the more you buy, the less they cost) and (b) to prompt payment.

Q: How many Bible versions do you offer this book in?

A: Three; The King James Version, the New King James Version, and the English Standard Version.

Q: What information do you need from me if you are to customize copies for my church or ministry?

A: To customize your copies, we will need to know (a) which Bible version you wish to use for the text, (b) which cover you wish to use (modern, traditional or holiday) (c) the text for your internal page (and possibly a grayscale image of your church building or minister), details such as phone number, website URL, service times, etc., and (d) the text and (or) color graphic for the back cover of the book. We’ll let you see a soft (electronic PDF) proof of the final design before we go to press, so you can be sure that you are happy with the outcome!

Q. Is it possible to purchase the Kindle version?

A: Yes; you may purchase the one with the NKJV text from Amazon HERE for just $2.99!

Q: Do you have a question?

A: Submit it HERE!