You would like a special touch on the copies you order, especially as you would like to use the books as giveaways in your church or ministry. We’d love to work with you on this. We offer you the following options:

(A) General Options (applicable to everyone who orders)

(1) Choice of basic version (whether you select KJV, NKJV, or ESV text)

(2) Choice of cover (whether modern, classic or holiday)

(B) Special Options (Enhanced Customizing–high volume orders) at very low unit price

(3) Option to print a special page (black ink on white paper) inside the book (order minimum quantity: 1,000 copies)

(4) Option to print a special feature in full color on the back cover–for example, a picture of your church, your church’s website and phone numbers, etc. (order minimum quantity: 1,000 copies)

(5) Option to print a complete, full color cover (front, spine and back) unique to your book (includes option to print a special page inside the book) (By sepcial arrangement only; contact us to discuss your ideas in this matter.)

(C) Special Options (Enhanced Customizing–low volume orders) at higher unit price

(6) Option to print a special page (black ink on white paper) inside the book AND a special feature on the back cover (order minimum quantity: 100 [one hundred] copies). Because a different printing technology is used, customization is possible, but economies of scale do not allow the deeper discounts of (B) above. However, for smaller churches, this may be an attractive option.


The graphics below show you the kinds of things that can be done to personalize and customize this publication to your your unique ministry situation.

To customize your copies, we will need to know (a) which Bible version you wish to use for the text, (b) which cover you wish to use (modern, traditional or holiday) (c) the text for your internal page (and possibly a grayscale image of your church building or minister), details such as phone number, website URL, service times, etc., and (d) the text and (or) color graphic for the back cover of the book.

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Prices and Options

Activate the link below for details on the discounts for multiple copies of customized books

Simple customization options HERE