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The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas is an innovative concept–a small paperback book (7 x 4.25 inches) of 112 pages with twenty-four devotions, each including a short Scripture reading, several paragraphs, and a concluding “To think about” section that draws lines of application from the text to modern-day life.

Written by Roger Ellsworth, an experienced minister and writer, the book is presented in short sections and in an easy-to-read manner.

This is a book to help hearts and minds to focus on the wonder of God becoming a man!

What a great idea for a special end-of-year church to community outreach project!


This little book is priced with affordability in mind. If you or your church or organization buy a large quantity, the price per book gets lower and lower!

Activate this link to find out more about price options the sliding scale of discounts HERE.

Different Cover Designs and Bible Version

You may choose between conservative and modern covers. You may also choose which Bible version you would like, whether the KJV or a modern version. Find out more HERE.

Customizable to your needs

If you wish to buy a very large number of books, we will arrange to print your church’s name and address inside the book or on the back cover. Find out more HERE.

Try before you buy!

You may read sample excerpts online HERE.

You may read the whole book online HERE.

(The PDFs linked above are for the NKJV text edition. The ESV and KJV texts versions follow exactly the same format.)

You may order a physical copy for inspection purposes HERE.

View a Press Release HERE.

 Listen to a one-minute radio advert HERE


It Will Soon Be Christmas Countdown!

To place your order, please visit the contact page HERE or call 864-498-8957.

A Note to UK Customers

Prices and details for UK customers is available HERE.

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